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topic posted Fri, December 9, 2005 - 12:38 AM by  Pak Hanafi
C'mon youse guys..make with the pics! Whose got 'em?
I took one of myself, but that doesn't count.

I was demonstrating the little mirror that is for taking pictures of yourself with a phone camera.
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Pak Hanafi
  • Shitty shitty, fuck fuck! I hate work!!! I wanna have fun too!
    • Unsu...
      where do you want to go next?>
      • < Shitty shitty, fuck fuck! I hate work!!! I wanna have fun too!>

        I predict that one day in January, you will get really ill and not be able to go to work. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

        When in January should this day be, and where shall we go?
        • Cough...cough....sniff......I don't feel too good. I think I might be comin' down with something, but I have a feeling that the incubation period is going to be a couple weeks!~~~~cough.....
          • Unsu...
            << Cough...cough....sniff......I don't feel too good.>>

            Yes, yes..just remember to practice that the day before you take ill ;)
            • Yes! You MUST go to the next one!
              • ......cough....weez.........
                • <......cough....weez......... >

                  Sorry man, I drank all of the cough syrup this weekend while trying to robo-trip. Seattle should get another shippment soon.
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                    OH YEA! cough syrup! that should help!
                    • I still have some left over chloroseptic spray with a gastro-intestinal numbing agent in it, from the tonsil surgery. Just a couple of sprays of that, and you wont be feeling anything. Then you wont have to fake the getting sick thing so much, cause you really will feel ill!

                      But then also, think how easily all the liquor will go down, if you cant feel anything....

                      (note: I am currently reminesing about my oxycontin stupor of not so long ago, ahhhhhh).

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